Corporate Loans for SME

Corporate Loans for SME

For small and medium enterprises which require financial support for working capital or the purchase of fixed assets to be used for business purposes.

Secure a loan of up to US$ 100,000, with a long payment term and flexible repayment modes and terms.

For enterprises in all sectors, including agriculture, agribusiness, agro-processing, trade, manufacturing and services.

Repay your loan through any Sambat Finance partner nationwide.

Terms and Conditions

  • Interest Rates

    Competitive rates

  • Loan Amount

    Up to $100,000

  • Loan Term

    Up to 36 months

  • Loan Purpose

    For working capital purposes

Required Documents

  • Documentary Evidence of Business Registration; and
  • Profile of Shareholders, Directors and Management; and
  • Business Income Evidences


  • Business operation for more than 1 year; and
  • Cambodian Incorporated Company; and
  • Business is profitable; and
  • Collateral OR Guarantor required.